GoPro Hero6 Black review and deals

It is a water resistant black and digital Camera for any traveler with a touch screen feature 4K high definition megapixel.

This amazing device was designed for any picture lover out there, for those who love to keep their memories intact.

It works by sending the shot directly to your phone where it is formed as a quick video with an interesting story that is edited.

gopro hero 6 black deals

It offers the best quality images and produces the best memories to all users.
GoPro Hero6 deals has listed the following features for this year.

Who it is made for?

• Events photographers.
• Travelers.
• Family photos takers.


• Video quality
• processor
• Easy to use
• Design
• Sound
GoPro App and GoPro Quik
• Battery

Video quality and processor

The camera has an available resolution for hero6 the following table show the available with high resolution. This camera has an impressive now that enables you can shoot at the 1080-pixel resolution and 240 fps.

The camera video shows they are smooth sharp the resulting footage the camera is able to wash the sun brightness to give you perfect able

Easy to use

If you are having similar models of this camera you might know how easy is to use this new amazing hero 6 with other familiar with other models. When you buy this camera when you turn on there are tutorials to show how to use this camera.

You can turn on Wi-Fi to reformat the microSD card and change the setting to your own liking


The GoPro camera measures 2.444 by 1.75 by 1.26 inches and it weighs 4.16 ounces
The camera is water resistance up to 33feet reducing the cost of buying water resistance camera case


The GoPro camera sound engineers have improved the sound quality to give you a perfect luxurious sound. It has been designed reducing background sound like cars passing sounds wind and other sounds

GoPro app and GoPro Quik

The camera is enabled to one hand controlling feature in the app on smartphones you are able to connect to your camera using your smartphone by turning on the Wi-Fi.
When GoPro application is running you can access the same feature on the camera in your phone


The battery has been designed to stay long with charge


The camera has a faster processor which can capture videos at four k resolution at 60fps.

Pros and cons


• Produces high quality pictures.
• Can be linked to a phone through the app to view pictures.
• All weather.
• It copies pictures to a phone at a very high speed.
• Able to stabilize images well.
• Has a good battery life.
• Improved image sensor.


• The black color is not attractive.

If you treasure keeping good memories then this should be your gear. GoPro Hero6 review shows its high definition pictures it provides that will ensure you get the best memories by capturing those incredible pics such as when skiing, partying, diving (it’s water resistant after all) and all other memories you want to treasure.