Nikon D3400 bundle tips

Most digital cameras including the Nikon D3400 arrive with some few things, that is, 2 batteries, a camera strap, and the installation disk. But what other accessories? What about a case for your camera? Most cameras don’t come with a case so you are left with the chore of searching online or in a physical store to find the case that fits your camera.

Nikon D3400 lenses

The bundle gives you a lot of flexibility when you need the best lenses for your Nikon D3400.

How about a tripod? Why don’t they include a tripod with your camera? It sure would make it a lot easier to take those family pictures when you want to be included in the picture with the rest of the group. Without a tripod, you are left to find a table or other object to place your camera on in order to get that picture with you and the rest of your family or friends.

I mean they don’t even include a cleaning kit. How about the memory card. Usually, you have to purchase that separately too.

Well, finally the Nikon company are getting smart. They are creating Nikon D3400 bundle, where, when you buy the camera everything else is included along with it. They have also started selling that Nikon D3400 bundle are separate from the camera for those people who have already purchased the camera and are now looking for the accessories to go with it. Most of these bundles include various items, the most common being: an SD card, a camera bag, batteries, battery charger, LCD screen protectors, a cleaning kit, and a mini tripod, with or without the camera. These items can vary with different camera companies.

Nikon D3400 bundle

When you purchase this D3400 bundle you ultimately make sure you are getting the right accessories that go with the camera. When you purchase the accessory kits separately just make sure that the Nikon D3400 bundle accessory kit is the correct one that goes with your camera. The description in the ad will tell you which camera model number the accessory kit goes with.